47 minutes | Apr 28th 2020

Wholesale Strategies That Work with Sonia Chang

Sonia Chang never planned to start a food business, but now she has two of them!

Sonia lives in Pasadena, CA and runs a granola cottage food business called Cali Granola (formerly named Chef Sonia’s Granola By The Handful). After successfully selling her granola for a couple years, she purchased and operated My Sweet Cupcake, a popular cupcakery.

She has sold her granola in over two dozen stores and has used a variety of marketing strategies to build her businesses, such as her “leap frog” and “flavor profile” techniques.

Her journey is filled with many unexpected surprises, but every step of the way, her service-based approach and collaborative spirit have carried her forward.

What You’ll Learn
  • How to “leap frog” your way into more wholesale accounts
  • Why Sonia can charge a high price for her granola
  • The limitations of using a co-packer
  • How to set a wholesale price
  • How Sonia accidentally went from running a granola company to a commercial cupcakery almost overnight
  • What it’s like to buy a popular bakery
  • How to let stores sell themselves on your products by creating “flavor profiles”
  • The potential downsides of private labeling
  • The “call list” technique for boosting sales
  • How offering vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free cupcakes impacted the cupcakery
  • Ways to develop relationships with commercial business owners
  • Tips for packaging and labeling
  • How to create a SWOT analysis

Cali Granola Instagram Page (Facebook Page)

My Sweet Cupcake

Sonia’s Eventbrite Classes

California Cottage Food Law

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