43 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

Turning A Kitchen Mistake Into A Thriving Business with Nicole Pomije

It all started with the wrong baking pan. Back in 2014, Nicole Pomije couldn’t find a cookie sheet in her home kitchen, so she made her chocolate chip cookies in a mini muffin tin instead.

And with that, the idea for The Cookie Cups was born: cookies that look like mini cupcakes. Nicole started her business out of her home kitchen in 2015, and she has now expanded into two brick-and-mortar storefronts near Minneapolis, MN.

Although it might seem like Nicole’s unique idea set her up for success, it’s more likely that her many years of marketing, PR, and management experience played a much larger role.

While the cookie-in-cupcake-form is still at the core of her business, Nicole has now expanded well beyond selling cookies. She’s managed to put all kinds of food items into mini cupcake form, such as tacos, mac & cheese, pizza, etc. She now caters events, hosts birthday parties, teaches cooking classes, and has most recently created at-home baking kits in response to the pandemic.

Nicole talks about the importance of sharing your story, managing time, starting simple, building a local following, and constantly being willing to try new things.

What You’ll Learn
  • The fun backstory of how the cookie cup was invented
  • Why it’s important to “rock your story”
  • How Nicole managed her time building her storefront as a brand new mom
  • The importance of starting with a simple menu
  • Why cookies in cupcake form are significantly different than regular cookies
  • Whether you should worry about someone stealing your recipe or idea
  • Why Minnesota’s low sales limit never impacted Nicole’s business
  • How to know when to jump into a commercial space
  • Why Nicole has expanded her menu instead of just focusing on cookie cups
  • Steps to build a local following for your brand
  • How to deal with short shelf life when selling at farmers markets and events
  • Why the pandemic was a “total nightmare”, and how Nicole pivoted her business
  • Why opening day of Nicole’s storefront was “the best craziest day ever”
  • How to get featured on local TV stations

The Cookie Cups Website

Facebook Page / Instagram Feed

Nicole on The Jason Show

Unicorn Cookie Cup Kit & Pizza Making Kit on Amazon

Minnesota Cottage Food Law

Get full show notes and transcript here: https://forrager.com/podcast/22

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