48 minutes | Jun 9th 2020

The Cookie Cutter Queen with Tina Karnath

When it comes to creating custom decorated cookies, Tina is very prepared. She owns a plethora of cookie cutters (including over 500 just for Christmas), and amazingly, she is always looking to buy more!

Tina lives in Saginaw, MI and has run her popular cookie business, the Chunky Chicken Cookie Company, for the past three years. Whether she is designing cookies or naming chickens, her creativity shines through.

Tina talks about how she manages to decorate hundreds of cookies each week, as well as pricing, resources, and what she’s learned over the years. She also shares her philosophy about putting life onto cookies to make the world a happier place.

What You’ll Learn
  • Why Tina is looking for more cookie cutters, even though she already has thousands of them
  • How Mary Poopins inspired her unique business name
  • Recommended resources for learning more about custom decorated cookies
  • Some of the different style techniques for decorated cookies
  • How to price custom decorated cookies
  • How many cookie orders Tina can handle each week
  • The most popular times of year for cookie sales
  • Why Tina now limits pickup days to make cookie production more manageable
  • What she teaches in her cookie decorating classes
  • Why Tina’s cookies look near-perfect
  • How Tina used cookies to respond to the coronavirus and other community problems
  • Why Tina wouldn’t ship her cookies, even if she could

Chunky Chicken Cookie Company

Facebook Page

Instagram Feed

Video of Tina’s cookie cutters from 3 years ago (when she started her business)

Michigan’s Cottage Food Law

Lila Loa – cookie decorator blog

Sweet Sugarbelle – cookie decorator blog

Cookie Business Owners – Facebook group

Get full show notes and transcript here: https://forrager.com/podcast/10

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