49 minutes | Sep 1st 2020

Marketing Cake Art with Jennifer Lopez & Emily Blattel – Part 2

Over the past decade, Jennifer Lopez and Emily Blattel have sold dozens of custom cakes that run the gamut from elegant buttercream cakes to realistic cake sculptures. The results are always exceptional, and sometimes they are nearly unbelievable!

This dynamic duo runs The Cake Mom & Co. from their homes in Paducah, KY and Scott City, MO.

Because they are both amazing cake decorators, I thought this interview would be focused solely on cake artistry.

But they ended up touching on so many facets of running a cake business that I had to split this episode into two parts. This is Part 2, and you can listen to Part 1 here.

In this second half of the interview, they covered startup advice, the ordering and design process, business partnerships, social media platforms, cake supplies, promotional giveaways, and cake competitions.

Jennifer also explained how she helped changed Kentucky’s cottage law, even though she initially had no intention of spearheading that effort!

What You’ll Learn
  • What to focus on when you’re starting a cake business
  • The importance of policies in a cake business
  • Using order minimums to set realistic expectations for customers
  • How to create a custom design for a customer
  • Whether to charge for cake tastings, meetings, etc.
  • Finding a Goldilocks price when you’re a beginner
  • How to partner with a photographer to extend your network
  • How Jennifer & Emily successfully turned their friendship into a business partnership
  • Jennifer’s many attempts to shut down the business
  • How Jennifer helped change the cottage food law in Kentucky
  • Ideas for improving the law in your state, and how to deal with resistance
  • How to save money on cake supplies
  • What style of cake to focus on when just starting out
  • The cake artists that Jennifer & Emily look up to
  • Their most expensive cake orders
  • Which social media platform is the best: Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest
  • How to use promotional giveaways to generate interest on social media
  • What Jennifer learned from participating in a cake competition

The Cake Mom & Co.

Facebook Page, Instagram Feed, & Pinterest Board

Jennifer’s Blog (including the “steak cake” story)

Kentucky Home Bakers website

Five Maples Photography smash cake sessions

Kentucky and Missouri cottage food laws

Kentucky Petition on change.org

Recommended Cake Artists

Cakes by Timbo

Natalie Sideserf – Sideserf Cake Studio

Liz Marek – Sugar Geek Show

Liz Shim – Eat Cake Be Merry

Sweet Heather Anne

Siân-Amy Pettit (pointillism cakes)

Get full show notes and transcript here: https://forrager.com/podcast/16

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