52 minutes | Jan 19th 2021

From Breast Cancer Battle to Busy Baking Biz with Lisa Petrizzi-Geller

In 2013, after many months of breast cancer treatments, Lisa Petrizzi-Geller began experimenting in her home kitchen. She started with cake pops, but quickly expanded to chocolate-covered Oreos and other types of treats. “It was kinda like therapy for me”, Lisa says.

Apparently the therapy worked! Fast forward 8 years later, and now Lisa runs POP Culture, a successful food business in Berkley, MA that is based out of her residential kitchen.

Over the years, Lisa has sold her treats at all kinds of events, from small popups to large corporate events to huge festivals. How huge? One time, she did $8k of sales in a single weekend!

And despite events being cancelled due to the pandemic, 2020 was her busiest year yet. As she put it, “It just kept going. I never got a break.” The year culminated with the craziest of holiday seasons, where she made over 3,000 hot cocoa bombs alone!

In this episode, Lisa shares creative and trendy ideas for treats, tips to prepare for a home kitchen inspection, the dark side of running a cottage food business, and what she’s learned from selling at tons of events and fulfilling countless custom orders.

What You’ll Learn
  • How Lisa’s battle with breast cancer spawned her cottage food business
  • How to prepare for a home kitchen inspection
  • Why Massachusetts residential kitchen law is unique
  • Tips for selling at events and popups
  • How to prepare for a large event with 30,000+ attendees
  • How to make decorated chocolate-covered Oreos with molds
  • What treats are trending, including hot cocoa bombs and piñata smash cakes
  • Creative packaging ideas for treats, including wine bottle holders and advent calendars
  • What it’s like to go through a business accelerator program, like EforAll
  • How Lisa made 3,000+ hot cocoa bombs over the holidays
  • Why the pandemic caused a huge influx of orders for cake pops and other treats
  • How Lisa prices her treats
  • What it’s like to fulfill an 1,800 cake pop order
  • The dark side of running a cottage food business
  • The challenges with finding a commercial kitchen space

POP Culture Website

Facebook Page / Instagram Feed

EforAll Business Accelerator & Pitch Contests

SpinningLeaf Cookie Molds

CK Products Candy Molds

Life of the Party Chocolate Molds

Get full show notes and transcript here: https://forrager.com/podcast/26

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