48 minutes | May 12th 2020

From Bread Factory to Artisan Home Bakery with David Kaminer

For David Kaminer, sourdough bread is a way of life. After graduating from culinary school and spending 15 years working in commercial bakeries and restaurants, he built a pizza oven into his kitchen and opened Raleigh Street Bakery in Denver, CO in 2015.

He now has dozens of customers who show up each week to pick up their near-perfect sourdough baguettes, boules, and batards from his in-home bakery.

After working in a factory that produced 40,000 loaves of bread per day, David appreciates the slower pace of his cottage food business, plus the opportunities it brings to connect with his local community.

David talks about the ins and outs of running a lucrative home bakery, intentionally limiting business to prioritize his family, and why he only sells one type of product: sourdough bread.

What You’ll Learn
  • What it’s like to work in a bread factory that produces 40,000 loaves of bread per day
  • How David’s commercial food service experience influenced his cottage food business
  • Whether you should work in a food establishment before starting a cottage food business
  • David’s weekly process for making 300 loaves of sourdough
  • About using a pizza oven for a cottage food business
  • Why David only makes sourdough bread
  • How to manage weekly orders and retain returning customers
  • How to leverage a local business to distribute products directly
  • Why consistency is the most powerful marketing technique
  • Why David’s sales doubled during the coronavirus pandemic
  • About the unlimited nature of Colorado’s per product sales limit
  • Why a health inspector almost shutdown David’s business at a market
  • About David’s experience teaching preschoolers in the “bread lab”
  • How to diversify income by hosting local workshops (David makes $900 in each one)

Raleigh Street Bakery

Colorado Cottage Food Law

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