55 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

From Art Teacher to Cake Pop Artist with Becca Aronowitz

Becca Aronowitz from Richmond Hill, GA makes some of the best cake pops you have ever seen.

After Becca quit her job as an art teacher in 2012, she started Sweet Whimsy Shop to sell her cake pops and help support her family.

8 years and 40,000+ cake pops later, Becca has become a true master at the cake pop art form.

But unlike many entrepreneurs that start with big dreams for the future, Becca never envisioned becoming well-known for her cake pops.

As she puts it: “I had not thought about that at all. I just thought this is a way that I can sell cake pops. That was really where it ended.”

But that’s most definitely not where it ended for this “pretty extreme introvert”. So far, her largest order totaled around $4,000, and her cake pops have even appeared on national television!

Becca talks everything cake pops: making, pricing, sculpting, decorating, inverting, etc. She also shares her journey from art teacher to business owner, how she handles social media as an introvert, how she runs her business on two hours per day, and some crazy experiences she’s had along the way.

What You’ll Learn
  • Why Becca quit her teaching job and focused on selling cake pops instead
  • The challenge of using Etsy with the cottage food law
  • How to build a brand locally without using Etsy
  • How to make hand-sculpted cake pops
  • The limitations of making cake pops without frosting
  • Tips for decorating a custom shaped cake pop
  • Becca’s wide range of pricing for cake pops
  • How long it takes to morph a round cake ball into a custom shape
  • How Becca runs her business on 2 hours per day
  • An idea to help you say “yes” to last-minute orders
  • Why upside-down cake pops and cake pop balls (no stick) are more expensive
  • Why Becca says “no” to some orders even though she’s skilled enough to make virtually any design
  • Tips for starting your own cake pop business
  • What you need to make cake pops at home
  • How to take Instagram-worthy photos
  • The challenges of running a business as an introvert and posting on social media
  • How Becca’s cake pops appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden
  • About Becca’s massive $4,000 order for a corporate event
  • The time when a professional baker drove 10 hours to get Becca’s cake pops

Sweet Whimsy Shop Cake Pop Designs (scroll to bottom)

Instagram Feed / Facebook Page

Bakerella’s Cake Pops Book

Merckens Chocolate Candy Melts

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