50 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

Creative Ways to Market Cookies with Mallory Dies

For Mallory, it all started with a chocolate chip cookie. But that was just the beginning!

Mallory Dies, owner of The Crassy Cookie in Stafford, VA, tried selling many variations and flavors of her drop cookies, and ultimately found the most success with her innovative gourmet cookie sandwiches.

These cookie sandwiches are certainly unique. They range from “safe” flavors like rainbow chip, strawberry shortcake, or choco fudge brownie, all the way to more “oddball” flavors like blueberry lemon-lavandula, fruity pebbles, and matcha munchie.

Mallory shares how she slowly built a customer base (twice) and had self-doubts along the way. As an introvert, she resisted putting herself into her brand, but eventually “bit the bullet” and started developing significant engagement on social media.

She also shares many marketing ideas that have worked well for her business, like creating monthly boxes, adding bonuses to orders, and promoting her products in local Facebook groups.

Despite the many challenges with selling basic drop cookies (short shelf life, low perceived value, etc), Mallory has found many ways to make a cookie business work well for her.

What You’ll Learn
  • How Mallory organically built a local audience-base… twice
  • How Mallory’s cookie prices changed over time
  • What she charges for her unique gourmet cookie sandwiches
  • The logistics of running a cookie business
  • How the coronavirus pandemic affected her business
  • What cookie sandwich flavors sell well, and which ones flopped
  • The challenges of selling a unique product, and how to get people to notice it
  • How to generate more sales by adding bonuses to orders
  • How to run a giveaway on Facebook and get customer feedback
  • How often to post on Facebook to boost engagement
  • Why it’s important for introverts to promote themselves in their business
  • Using a monthly calendar to show availability and create scarcity
  • Creating a “monthly box” to add a consistent revenue stream
  • How to market a monthly box with a “launch week” each month
  • Using Facebook groups to promote yourself to your local community
  • How Mallory improved the taste of her cookies
  • The benefits of using wholesale packaging

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