40 minutes | Dec 8th 2020

13 Years Old and Already In Business

Lauren Inazu isn’t your average 13-year-old girl. When she was 8, she recruited friends to sell and market her lemonade stand, Lauren’s Sweet Treats. In 5th grade, she started a school newspaper. And now, she recently launched a cottage food business.

Lauren lives in St. Louis, MO and sells all sorts of baked goods with her new business, Count It All Joy.

Between school, homework, piano lessons, sports, youth group, clubs, and Bible study, Lauren is somehow finding time to fulfill baking orders. Sometimes she likes to surprise her classmates with that fact: “I think it’s always kind of fun to be like, ‘Oh yeah, I just have to go make four dozen cookies tonight for an order.’ And they’re like, ‘An order?'”

Lauren may be one of the most ambitious and mature 13-year-olds I have ever met, but she is not unique in wanting to make a little dough from her baked goods. Many kids reach out to me to ask if it is legal for them to sell their creations.

In this episode, Lauren shares what she’s learned about legally starting her cottage food business as a 13-year-old, in hopes of inspiring other young entrepreneurs to try it out as well.

What You’ll Learn
  • How (and why) Lauren started her cottage food business
  • Whether it’s legal to start a business as a minor
  • If it’s difficult to get people to take you seriously when you’re young
  • Why someone paid Lauren $20 to change her business name
  • If it’s a good idea to get friends to pretend to be customers
  • Some of Lauren’s marketing ideas, like extra samples and handwritten thank you notes
  • Why her marketing director already quit
  • Lauren’s life plan for college, career, and retirement
  • Her advice for a 13-year-old who is thinking of starting a food business
  • Lauren’s accounting and customer management system
  • How she uses email marketing in her business
  • Lauren’s most popular menu item, and her pricing strategy
  • What Lauren plans to do with the money she’s making
  • Commercial kitchen costs, and how to potentially get access to one for free
  • Lauren’s future plans for her business

Count It All Joy Website

Facebook Page

Missouri Cottage Food Law

Get full show notes and transcript here: https://forrager.com/podcast/23

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