40 minutes | May 21st 2019

Relationship Advice and Dating Yourself with Cat Cantrill - #75

Cat Cantrill is an entrepreneur, burlesque dance instructor and relationship guide for women across Iowa. Since opening her own dance studio “Vitality Fitness & Dance” in Cedar Rapids in 2013, Cat has carved out a place for women to feel empowered through dance and learn how to express themselves within the dating world.

While advocating self-love and learning how to evolve from past relationships, Cat helps emancipate women from their previous beliefs about dating and gives them the tools they need to maintain relationships with an open heart and an informed mind.

From her own life experiences to countless conversations with women seeking dating advice, Cat offers quality insight to relationships and how to navigate our way through love’s rocky waters. 

In this episode we will discuss:

  • Cat’s adult dance studio and their programs for women
  • Advising on romantic and platonic relationships
  • Relationship pressures for both men and women
  • Evolving our relationship needs/interests and choosing a life partner
  • Successes and failures behind dating, relationships, and marriage
  • The concept of dating ourselves first and the challenges behind it
  • Dating protocol, breaking down walls and opening ourselves to love
  • Vulnerabilities, discouragement and experiencing rejection while dating
  • How to create meaningful self-value based on our own self-image
  • Tolerance, acceptance and how to express ourselves in relationships
  • Tackling the three main stressors in a relationship: money, sex, and kids
  • The difference in the desires of being alone vs. being lonely
  • Relationship expectations and self-sabotage


“When it comes to a healthy relationship, I think you also need to continuously nourish and encourage one other... it’s not just about your needs.”

“If someone rejects you, consider that as a blessing. You wouldn’t want to be with somebody who really isn’t into you... would you have picked them anyway?”

“Women will come to me and complain about a current issue with their significant other and it’s usually a characteristic of their person. I will tell them all the time, 

‘Did this person have this characteristic when you first started dating?’ 

Usually, the answer is yes... You can’t change the person! When this person has had these qualities since the very beginning, I never know what to tell [women] other than 

‘This is what you signed up for.’”










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