43 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

Episode #14- Interview with Sales Guru and Consultant Rob Smith with Jeff Newkirk

“Businesses have two problems, sales and everything else,” says Rob Smith. In this episode of The Forensic Financialist, Rob Smith, well known sales consultant and educator, joins Jeff to discuss the critical elements needed for sales success in our new COVID-19 world. Rob brings to our attention how we must shift attention from in person sales to virtual selling. A shift that we need to get accustomed to.Jeff begins the discussion though by highlighting the need for one to follow their true passion and interest. Rob did his own career “pivot,” transitioning from electrical engineering to sales. A change that Rob truly embraced and has led him to success and happiness. He highlights some of the more enlightening moments that led him to his career change. With so many people in transition due to our current pandemic ridden economy, this is an episode you cannot miss.The Forensic Financialist https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/the-forensic-financialist-podcast/Source: https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/episode-14-interview-with-sales-guru-and-consultant-rob-smith-with-jeff-newkirk
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