44 minutes | Jul 18, 2016

FA130 - Kicking Apps And Taking Names With Jesse Lawler

HOW TO BUILD AN APP IF YOU’RE NOT A PROGRAMMER: LESSONS FROM A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER I invited my friend and mastermind member, Jesse Lawler of Evil Genius Technologies, to come on the Show to answer a question I get frequently in my inbox, “How do I make an app if I’m not a programmer?” Jesse is in the business of making apps for other companies and for himself so I reckoned he would be able to tell us what process we should take to get our ideas turned into apps. Listen in as we cover some pitfalls of hiring developers and what you should do to have a successful outcome when working with a developer. I’m probably going to bring Jesse back for a part two since there was so much more for us to cover. Enjoy your Foolish Adventure, Tim “Kiss My App” Conley   Join The Forge: A Group Of Entrepreneurs Creating A Life While Building A Business bit.ly/entertheforge New Training: How To Scale Your Business If you want to get in-depth training on operating and scaling your business check out The Bootcamp: TimConley.co/bootcamp/
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