20 minutes | Oct 19th 2016

The Foojee Show 010: The Digital Transformation of Apps for Construction

Summary:In this episode we chat with special guest and construction guru, Rob McKinney! Rob takes us through some of the best apps to use in the construction field that you might use on a daily basis and shares a couple cool toys (or tools depending on your perspective)!Subscribe to Foojee's Channel Here - http://bit.ly/TheFoojeeShowSubscribeWe've worked with construction companies before and they're always trying to find the best ways to track and manage not only their devices, but time, productivity, and progress. With a background in construction and now as a construction technology consultant, we knew we had to have Rob on the show.Rob started his own website a while back (http://conappguru.com) before joining the team over at JBKnowledge (http://jbknowledge.com). In today's episode, Rob covers a little bit of his typical keynote presentation when helping construction companies make the most of their technology.Rob covers one app for five specific areas: Safety, Plans, Daily Reporting, Photos, and Time Entry.You can find links to his specific recommendations below as well as timestamps if you'd prefer to skip around rather than watch the episode from start to finish.Links:https://www.youtube.com/user/FoojeeVideohttp://www.twitter.com/foojeeRob's Links:Rob's Company: http://jbknowledge.comConAppGuru (Rob's Site): http://conappguru.comConTechTrio Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/contechtrio-talking-construction/id1079263835?mt=2Social: https://twitter.com/jbknowledgehttps://twitter.com/conappguruhttps://twitter.com/contechtrio About The Foojee Show:Lucas Acosta and his team at Foojee reveal and share their business and Apple knowledge, tips and tricks from 8 years as Apple consultants and more than a decade of collective experience as Apple employees. Whether you want to learn about adopting Apple products for your business, hear more about the most recent Apple products, or learn how to best navigate an MDM or email nightmare, we're here to help. You'll discover ways to save money and time while uncovering simple truths to boost your productivity for years to come. Although we're far from having things "figured out", we're able to 100% support our families by learning how to best serve businesses and schools using Apple products and how to overcome the wide variety of challenges we face on a daily basis. Between a prominent presence in the Apple consultant community, expanding to multiple cities, building authority and trust in the industry, leading the way with relevant videos (including our YouTube show), blogging regularly, getting things done, and always listening for feedback, Foojee will do everything possible to help you better understand your technology and how to master them to crush it in your own business.
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