22 minutes | Oct 5th 2016

The Foojee Show 009: Our Favorite Email Apps for iPhone and Mac

Summary:In this episode we're doing an email app roundup! Whether you're checking in on your iPhone or a your Mac, email is a constant in our lives. In our never-ending search for productivity boosters and the best software we've used our fair share of email apps. Today's episode is dedicated to giving you an honest look at six of those apps.It seems like every day there is a new email application available for us to use or try out. While many of them required paid subscriptions, many of them are free (or at least free to try out until you decide to buy).  We jump into the six following apps: Apple Mail, Airmail, Newton (formerly Cloud Magic), Outlook (yes, a Microsoft product!), Spark, and even the Gmail app.If you're looking for native apps so you don't have to download another application on your iPhone or Mac, then Apple Mail is the way to go. If you're looking for a more robust set of features then it could be that something like Airmail or Outlook will be more up your alley.Regardless, we'll give you the pros and cons of each email application. We'll highly recommend some and there are one or two that you could probably do without at this point. We'd love to hear from you. Which email apps do you love? Leave us a comment, shoot us an email, or use #AskFoojee on social media. We can't wait to hear from you!Links:https://www.youtube.com/user/FoojeeVideohttp://www.twitter.com/foojeeIn this episode, you'll learn about:Email Apps - Which are the good ones? Which ones can you do without?Apple MailAirmailNewtonOutlookSparkGmail About The Foojee Show:Lucas Acosta and his team at Foojee reveal and share their business and Apple knowledge, tips and tricks from 8 years as Apple consultants and more than a decade of collective experience as Apple employees. Whether you want to learn about adopting Apple products for your business, hear more about the most recent Apple products, or learn how to best navigate an MDM or email nightmare, we're here to help. You'll discover ways to save money and time while uncovering simple truths to boost your productivity for years to come. Although we're far from having things "figured out", we're able to 100% support our families by learning how to best serve businesses and schools using Apple products and how to overcome the wide variety of challenges we face on a daily basis. Between a prominent presence in the Apple consultant community, expanding to multiple cities, building authority and trust in the industry, leading the way with relevant videos (including our YouTube show), blogging regularly, getting things done, and always listening for feedback, Foojee will do everything possible to help you better understand your technology and how to master them to crush it in your own business.
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