29 minutes | Jul 10, 2019

Baby's on Fire with Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal

Episode 30 Baby’s on Fire with Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal Have you ever been to a rousing dinner party when towards the end, you insist everyone gather round to watch a video on your phone? They agree because they’re your friends, but then they lean closer, they shh the others, because what they’re watching is so mesmerizing? This is what happens with Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal’s work, and I was the shh-er. Marianne is a Norweigan food stylist, author and stylist of Kvinnfolk. But on the weekends, when time is her own, she makes cakes inspired by music videos. Female, powerful, colourful music videos. Then she weaves them together - the music, the colours and the cakes - into instagram videos. On this episode we talk about cake as a medium: how this simple food can tell stories full of colour, sound, female strength and sparkle. We talk about cake as memory, as a portal to another time. We take a walk, we eat flowers along the roadside, we put them on cakes. It’s a tribute to edible art, women, song and sound, today on The Food Podcast. So gather ‘round and shh your neighbour, because this is a good one.  Marianne Pfeffer Gjengedal  Marianne on Instagram @marianne_pfeffer  Marianne’s cookbook, Kvinnfolk  Pynk by Janelle Monae Baby’s on Fire by Die Antwoord Nova Scotia’s Moon Mist Ice Cream  Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills. Truly, it was my favourite thing in the world.  Ford Fairlane by New Romantic Portal (@gillsiebob @bobberuck) Sesame Street Cake Skit Girls Need Love (too) by Summer Walker featuring Drake Drake on Cake by Joy the Baker
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