29 minutes | Jan 14th 2020

237: The One Thing - What We're Excited to Focus On in 2020

How Pinch of Yum is repurposing recipe videos, how to manage a remote team, and what to expect with the Food Blogger Pro redesign.


Welcome to episode 237 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, the team talks about the “one thing” they’re excited to accomplish in 2020.

The One Thing 

This is a different kind of podcast episode, but we think you’re really going to like it.

Heading into a new year can feel a bit overwhelming, but it sometimes helps to narrow-down your focus and think through that “one thing” you’re excited to accomplish this year.

And that’s exactly what we’re doing in this interview! Alexa, Bjork, and Emily each share the one thing they’re excited to tackle in 2020, and we hope that it encourages you to figure out your “one thing” as well.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How Bjork manages a remote team
  • Why we created a parent company
  • Where the name “Tiny Bit” comes from
  • How Pinch of Yum is repurposing video this year
  • How Emily is creating step-by-step videos for Pinch of Yum blog posts
  • How compilation videos work


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