55 minutes | Mar 20, 2014

The Following - Season 2 Episode 9: Unmasked Reviewed by 2GuysTalking

The elements of suspense often work wonders inside television programs. They hold up the given elements inside a storytelling experience, allow you to wonder, and then dip you into usually unchartered territories that make your senses race to places you hopefully hadn't contemplated. Inside this most recent episode of The Following, "Unmasked" we are given healthy doses of what is labeled suspense, suspended inside layers of shocking, wrapped in the crispy tortilla of a star-studded program that hopes to deliver something news this week to a record audience that makes this one of the most popular shows on television. Well, we gotta' ask: What are we missing? It's time for another unique, question-filled episode review of The Following on Fox, via The Following Podcast - a detailed, hour by hour review of the bacon-flavored story of an FBI Agent gone to the dogs...
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