74 minutes | Feb 27, 2014

The Following - Season 2 Episode 6: Fly Away Reviewed by 2GuysTalking

Traditionally, flying provides us all with the sensation of something amazing. The feeling that we're lighter than air. That something truly amazing is happening. Inside this episode of The Following, Season 2, Episode 6, Fly Away - it feels like we're flying alright - super high, inside an atmosphere of 10,000+ - where humans - can't breathe. With the recognition of yet another consultant, dopy not-so-much gunplay, and stabby stab moments by people that are just so caricatured to be believed, we're following another series of following developments inside this episode of The Following that - somewhere and audience is following. What did you think? Come to think of it - what did WE think? There's only one way to find out: Strap in: put your tray tables in the upright position, prepare your air sickness bags because it's time for another episode of The Following Podcast - a unique, detailed and ultimately - more entertaining review program, than the show it reviews!
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