31 minutes | May 29, 2020

025: The Art of Flipping: An Interview with A.J. by a Freshman in Highschool!

Join us in this thought-provoking episode where A.J. gets interviewed by 15-year-old Kriti, a freshman in high school! And host of the WhyFI Matters (Why Financial Independence Matters) Podcast, is a global platform for teen financial literacy. "Flipping is a word, and a skill that I don't know much about, but is really important for all of us to be aware of, and use to our advantage. A.J. discusses so much more than just flipping in this conversation, and it definitely broadened my perspective!" - Kriti, Host of the WhyFI Matters Podcast   What to Do Next: Do you love flipping and want to learn more money-making and marketing secrets? Are you ready to earn 1K on the side? Here’s what to do next to make that happen! If you enjoyed today’s show, please share it with those closest to you! Please leave an honest review and rating for the podcast on your favorite streaming service. Subscribe to get automatic updates every time a new episode goes live! Have Questions About Today’s Topic? Send your questions in to AJ@TheFlippingNinja.com You could have your question featured on a future show!  
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