55 minutes | Apr 4, 2020

024: How To Make Fast Cash During The Coronavirus Pandemic (Part 1)

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be worrying how you can possibly make money during such a time. The Coronavirus has not only brought damaging health risks but has also crippled the U.S. economy. With businesses closing left and right (including thrift stores, pawn shops, flea markets, etc!), workers being laid off or having reduced hours, many Americans are wondering how they are going to survive this pandemic financially. Maybe you're wondering things like:  - “How am I going to make money during the Coronavirus?” - "Can I still make money flipping things during all this?" The Flipping Ninja responds to this, starting in part one of a series, on how to make fast cash during this frightening time. He shares what you need to know to make it possible! Starting out the series, the focus is on taking care of yourself and finding a new perspective. If you have been looking for a side hustle in this uncertain time, or if your business has been affected by the COVID-19, this is the series for you.   On This Week’s Episode You’ll Discover: Intro [0:01] Coronavirus, Quarantines, Oh My! [1:16] Positioning You for Success [2:02] Take Care of Yourself [4:15] Recreating Yourself [8:02] Are You Responsive to Change? [16:55] Forced to Slow Down [24:36] Routines and Habits [26:02] Pattern Interrupt [28:51] Stopping to See the Good [35:02] Navigating Back into The World of Flipping [41:25] New Perspective [42:43] Now is the Time [45:08] Learn the Rules of the Game [47:35] Closing Thoughts [52:52] Outro [54:03]   Quotes: Charles Darwin | “It is not the strongest species that survives nor the most intelligent. But rather, the most responsive to change.” "So don't look at what's happening right now, as something negative or a setback. Look at it as a "Now is the time to become who I was always meant to be." "Time has slowed down. Your perception of time has changed because of what's going on. Before you lived in this fast-paced world of 'gotta be there on time. Gotta do this. Got to do that. Gotta go to work. Can't be late.' It was hectic. It's like you didn't have enough time to do everything you wanted to, right? Nobody did. The world was so fast-paced. But now because you're literally forced -- you're forced -- to recreate yourself and your life again." "Develop those skills, develop clarity, shape and recreate yourself. Don't be anchored or attached to some previous identity, routine, or concept you've had of yourself from before. Don't be emotionally attached to the old." "Whatever sense of identity, goals, or the person you were before all of this -- the person you were when everything was normal -- you have to let go of that person. I don't mean completely let go of who you were. What I mean is if you had a certain roadmap in your mind or goals or plans or whatever it was or you were attached to, a certain concept of yourself or identity from when things were normal before, you have to let those things go. Detach from them because things will not go back to how they were before. We're in a different environment right now." "Here's the deal. You say, well A.J., I don't have any money. Why should I invest in myself? Because you don't have any money! That's why! Right? You say A.J., I don't have 10 minutes to meditate, what should I do? I say you should meditate for an hour! Is this making sense? Now is the time." "The person you were in the previous environment before all this happened -- that person will not be able to carry out what you were planning on carrying out in right now's environment. Does that make sense? Right now's environment is completely different, totally different. Your strategies are going to have to change. You're going to have to change. You're going to have to make major changes on the inside. OK, so a big theme that has been coming up for me personally is the idea of re-creating yourself." "Now is your time to focus on all those things that you couldn't before, you didn't have time to do, before you didn't have the discipline to do before. Things like finances, health, personal development, hobbies, things you always put off. Get in touch with that power, that essence you always had but have been maybe neglecting for a while." "Get past denial as quickly as you can and get into action. Position yourself to be in a place of strength, not weakness or retreat. So that means take care of yourself. Take care of your health. Take care of your thoughts, your thinking, your mindset. Make sure your well-being is top-notch right now." "Because if you're depressed or if you're sad or you're freaking out or you're anxious or you're stressed... The flipping stuff, the buying and reselling, the making money, the side hustle--none of that stuff matters. If you're in a state of depression and paralysis, I could literally show you how to make $500 bucks this week during all this. But none of it would matter. Because you're paralyzed. Right? So the first thing is you want to make sure that your mindset is ready. Get out of denial, get into a place of acceptance and let go of that old you, that old self." "So the faster you can get to that point of acknowledging it, the faster you can start rebuilding and recreating yourself and coming up with new strategies." What to Do Next: Do you love flipping and want to learn more money-making and marketing secrets? Are you ready to earn 1K on the side? Here’s what to do next to make that happen! If you enjoyed today’s show, please share it with those closest to you! Please leave an honest review and rating for the podcast on your favorite streaming service. 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