70 minutes | Jul 24th 2018

Episode 277: 7 Realistic Tactics For Building A Biz While Working (FS277)

Are you trying to start a business while you still have a day job? Do you need more time to get your business going but just cannot find it? How can we manage this transition phase from 9 to 5 professional to self-employed badass?

Today we are talking about making this challenging dynamic work for you. Steph is away on vacation so Corbett and Chase are tackling this issue head on and have a host of suggestions to make your double-life doubly beneficial!

In this episode we’ll be unpacking just how important it can be to maintain a functioning work life while starting your own thing. We’ll also be looking at how different the lives of new entrepreneurs are to those of established ones. Chase and Corbett discuss the initial phases of trial and error and attacking these terrains with excitement and fearlessness.

We also talk about finding exactly what your value is, chiseling out time within a busy schedule, managing energy levels, and fueling your work with passion. From there the discussion moves onto some concrete ideas and strategies for getting the ball rolling in the right direction. We cover your internal operating system, small tasks, removing vices, workplace related choices, and more.

So for an inspiring chat on an almost indispensable stage of any digital entrepreneur’s journey, make sure to tune in and hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The difference between building a business and maintaining an established one. [0:06:50.7]
  • Why it is no longer necessary to raise financing as in the past. [0:09:31.4]
  • Working smarter instead of harder according to your own needs. [0:14:18.2]
  • Finding your way to your value and then packaging it. [0:17:42.8]
  • Trying despite the challenges, lack of guarantees and the possibility of failure. [0:18:40.3]
  • Making time and finding the energy to juggle all of your commitments. [0:21:58.1]
  • Using your motivation and passion to fuel the fire of why you do this! [0:29:01.5]
  • Choosing how you want to build your entrepreneurial house. [0:30:31.3]
  • Doing what you know you have to in the way that you can. [0:36:58.1]
  • Work about work, planning and reflection. [0:42:20.3]
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKR) as an important framework. [0:44:26.2]
  • Breaking down projects into small, accomplishable chunks. [0:47:40.6]
  • Cutting out vices and making more time in your day. [0:53:30.6]
  • Considering going part time with your current day job. [0:54:09.4]
  • Looking for a different job that better suits the requirements for your business. [0:55:59.2]
  • Relying on a partner or spouse for income and security for a period. [01:00:58.3]
  • Hiring a coach or joining a mastermind group. [01:04:49.3]
  • And much more!

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