36 minutes | Aug 19th 2018

Expedition Learning with Expedition Class

Ever wanted to go on an adventure? Well, Andrew Hughes from the Bookend Trust does this for a living and through Expedition Class he inspires student young and old to learn more about our environment & our heritage. From hiking the wilds of Tasmania to sea kayaking around Papua New Guinea, Andrew takes adventure learning for students to another level!

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

About Andrew Hughes

The adventure educator behind Expedition Class, Andrew Hughes, is busy developing ways to engage students in learning from beyond the classroom. He believes there is room in the world for at least one teacher with a license to take extraordinary (but always calculated!) risks in the name of education. The job assigned to him is fairly simple; plan and undertake fabulous expeditions, communicate and share the wonders of the ensuing adventures online, and visit schools to tell wildly exaggerated tales before and after. If it sounds as though he wrote his own job description that’s because he did.

Andrew has qualifications in earth science and primary school teaching. As a result of his work for the Bookend Trust on Expedition Class and other education projects, Andrew was named the 2012 Tasmanian Australian of the Year and the Bryce Courtenay Power of One Australian Hero. With his wife Nicola and two children, their next project called Swag Family will see them taking tandem bicycles on an Australia wide adventure.

The Bookend Trust is a not for profit science and environmental education organisation that promotes a better understanding of the natural world that thereby allows us to imagine an act for a positive future.

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