26 minutes | Jun 13th 2020

Encouraging literacy with Just Kidding

Giving opportunities for kids to get engaged with reading & hands-on activities is so important! Today we chat with Mark Holmes, publisher of Yarra Media and founder Just Kidding, Australia's largest kids magazine in circulation. This is a fantastic publication for primary teachers looking to expand student literacy through their diverse articles & activities!

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

About Mark Holmes

Mark began his publishing career back in the UK before moving to Australia in 1998. Mark was key in the setup, management and implementation of the Melbourne Trading Post online website and sales teams before moving on to work for Channel 9 as a project manager for key programming sponsorships including The Footy Show, Getaway and A Current Affair. In 2003, Mark ventured into creating his own business ‘Yarra Media Pty Ltd’ with the sole focus on producing an informative, fun, children’s newspaper title that encouraged reading and learning across both primary schools and also homes nationally. Today, ‘Just Kidding’ is Australia’s largest kids magazine in circulation distributed to over 800 primary schools with a circulation of just over 220,000 copies per issue.

About Just Kidding

Just Kidding is an informative, entertaining read that appeals to both boys and girls aged 7-13 years. The newspaper title is curriculum aligned where the most common educational learning themes are constantly researched and developed alongside specific teachers notes for in class learning. With a pagination of between 80-120 pages per issue, Just Kidding makes reading fun not only through educational content but also through the likes of sports, interviews, movie news, competitions, activities and much more.

About the FizzicsEd Podcast

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

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