46 minutes | Nov 2nd 2020

Better Science Communication with Dr James O'Hanlon

We chat with Dr James O'Hanlon from In Situ Science about his thoughts on what makes great science communication and the importance of choosing your medium. We also hear about his own ecological research and how science has taken him to many places!

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

About Dr James O'Hanlon

James O'Hanlon is a scientist, artist and science communicator. His research aims to understand the weird and wonderful lives of insects and spiders. He is the founder and director of In Situ Science, a registered charity dedicated to science outreach and community engagement. James hosts the In Situ Science podcast where he interviews scientists about their discoveries and how science works 'behind the scenes.

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About the FizzicsEd Podcast

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

With interviews with leading science educators and STEM thought leaders, this science education podcast is about highlighting different ways of teaching kids within and beyond the classroom. It's not just about educational practise & pedagogy, it's about inspiring new ideas & challenging conventions of how students can learn about their world!


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