32 minutes | Jan 12th 2021

334 Who is Leading Your Team Through a Crisis with Adam Sedlack

Adam Sedlack, President of UFC Gyms, is an experienced fitness veteran with a demonstrated history of excelling in the health wellness and fitness industry. Adam, had the honor to be selected by NeV as one of the co-founders of UFC GYM. UFC Gym now is under development in 26 countries around the globe and is known as the world-wide leader in MMA conditioning. Through the growth of UFC Gym, Adam developed an expertise around domestic/international operations and he is highly skilled in Negotiation, Lease Process, Budgeting, Coaching, Marketing, Digital, and overall Operations. Adam also has held the title of Vice President of 24 Hour Fitness.

In this episode, Adam shares how his strong communication skills helped UFC Gyms survive the pandemic. He discusses how important it to have different communication styles to meet the needs of all generations and depending on who is surrounding you to adapt and shift to meet your team's communication preference. Please join me along with Adam, for today's episode.


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