53 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

Y-NOT be an Entrepreneur with Tony Disilvestro

The title of this podcast is Y-NOT be an entrepreneur, but there's a lot more to it. More to his family, more to his community, more to life. That is what Tony Disilvestro is all about. 

He is an entrepreneur of over 31 thriving companies. I am amazed at him, but even more importantly, I am grateful for him. Grateful for his heart for God, his family, and his heart for serving entrepreneurs.

He is creating global impact via business coaching, consulting, mindset, limiting belief, and barrier-breaking. You want to tune in to his story and you're going to want to tune in to the goodness. 


About Tony:

Tony DiSilvestro has been a passionate entrepreneur since the age of eight when he started his first business. He is now an award-winning entrepreneur, a successful real estate investor, franchise owner, and an internationally renowned business and leadership trainer.

He is also part of Vision which is the top 125 business owners in the area, and is also a member of EO. He has founded over thirty-one thriving companies involving the restaurant industry, residential and commercial construction, SAAS training co, manufacturing, and global coaching and consulting.

He was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Distinction Magazine and awarded Best Concrete Houses 2020 in the World by ICF Homes. Tony is also frequently invited to universities to speak to aspiring entrepreneurs. His vision is to see businesses succeed.


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