58 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Live Your Life on Purpose with Amy Debrucque

Do you need more boldness in your life? Maybe it's in a relationship, in communication, in getting live on camera, in speaking your story, in doing the hard thing in your company, in your business, in your friendship, or maybe it's doing the hard thing in your faith. I know boldness is a part of every single component of life, and so does today's amazing guest, Amy Debrucque. 


Amy has a book, actually, a cover in book with her mama, which is pretty rad. I think there's nothing better than representing multiple generations in a message that speaks to all of us. I loved learning about her story. I loved learning her heart for God and for His people, specifically His women. Enjoy!


Key Takeaways:

God always has more to his plan - we need to give Him control

God can use all things for God 

The importance of how God wants you to love yourself



Amy is a wife, mom of 4, author, podcaster, cancer survivor, and anxiety overcomer. She is the founder of the Life On Purpose Movement and encourages women daily by letting them know that although fear is normal, courage gets the final say. She recently co-hosted the Embolden Women's Summit and just launched The Confidence Course in addition to having articles featured in Darling Magazine, Thrive Global, ForEveryMom, and Women Encouraged and is releasing her first book, Embolden, co-written with her oldest daughter Blair, in April 2021.


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