22 minutes | Oct 2, 2021

Overcome Negative Self Talk & Self Judgment With Food | Day 2 of 5 Days to Food Freedom

welcome to DAY 2 of 5 DAYS TO FOOD FREEDOM 🎉

I created this 5-day challenge to help you:

  • ditch the diet
  • build better habits around food
  • transform your relationship with food
  • discover FUN & APPROACHABLE tools to overcome your biggest food obstacles


today’s Day 2 training will teach you to how to overcome negative self talk & release judgment in your relationship with food.

click here to download the slides from your Day 02 Presentation

✿ to watch the full video presentation on YouTube, click here!

and once you finish the training, don't forget to take FEEL GOOD ACTION! incredible things happen when YOU show up for YOU.

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