28 minutes | Mar 11, 2022

Beginner Workout Plan: How to Incorporate Movement into Your Daily Routine

In this episode, I’m sharing simple shifts you can make to incorporate movement into your daily routine. This is an episode for someone who hates working out, feels easily overwhelmed with what to do, or has a hard time finding a consistent routine that works for you and your body. So friend, if you find yourself in that place, I want to welcome you on in. You are welcomed here 💛


I hope this episode can help you release any shame or judgment that you may be holding onto so you can fully step into power, leaving fear and anxiety behind. I want to equip you with some small shifts that will add up big as you incorporate movement into your daily routine. Let’s dive in!


In this episode, I share…

✿ How to create a workout plan that works for you

✿ Why swapping the word “workout” with movement makes all the difference

✿ Simple tips to enjoy workouts and movement

✿ My secret to making movement a part of your daily routine


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