34 minutes | Mar 31, 2020

SPIDERFit Kids CEO on Motivating Kids to Get Moving

How do you motivate kids to get moving? Brett Klika, CEO of SPIDERfit Kids stops by help answer this question. Because the sad fact is that aside from sports participation, most youth do not participate in any sustained physical activity. Additionally troubling is that the children who do play sports are experiencing unprecedented rates of injury. To counteract these disturbing trends, we need a new approach to youth fitness and healthcare– one that is relevant to the needs of today’s youth. In an IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, personal trainer, author, and international motivational speaker, Brett is on a mission to inspire men, women, and children around the world to create a culture of wellness in their home and live the best version of their life. You might be surprised to learn Brett's biggest recommendation for tackling the obesity and inactivity epidemic, but hopefully you also feel empowered. BONUS: Last week, Brett started hosting PE in Your Living Room sessions. Check them out on the SPIDERFit Kids Facebook page (link in our show notes). Show notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 235  
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