42 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

Julie Keyes - Poised for Exit

Business owners work too hard to see their company sell for nothing when it's time to retire. Unfortunately, this happens all the time because they don’t take the steps needed to prepare to get ready.Today, Tim talks with Julie Keyes, the owner of Keyes Strategies and author of Poised for Exit, to discuss the best practices and options for business owners when preparing to sell or step away from their business. In this episode you will learn:  Why you should practice your exit before it's time (this is the key to maximizing your business legacy). How, in some cases, not selling your business is the right answer (and you can still step away to enjoy your life). The pros and cons between an internal and external sale (and how to go about each).  At the end of the day, relying on hope to eventually get out of your business will accomplish nothing. Instead, you can start planning today, create systems that will carry on long after you, and sell your business for the profit you deserve. Checkout the Business Transition Readiness CourseBuy Julie’s Book, Poised for ExitBuy Christopher Snider’s Book, Walking to DestinyBuy John Warrillow’s Book, Built to SellSupport The Fire Time Podcast financiallyClick here to join The Fire Time Network
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