81 minutes | Sep 10th 2020

Tamara Randall On Recovery - Excavating Your Authentic Self

“Be ready for that golden moment.”

Defining The Problem

In today’s show, special guest, Tamara Randall and I start our discussion by reviewing the current experience of those suffering from addiction in Vancouver British Columbia, and where services fall short. There is no doubt that the recovery journey starts well before the individual indicates readiness. Grabbing that, ‘golden moment‘ when someone expresses desire requires a low barrier and nimble system, adept at responding to individual needs quickly.

Tamara Randall’s Recovery Journey

Tam shares her own story of recovery and what her rock bottom looked like more than ten years ago. Tam describes the power of having a support system of individuals walking in their own recovery journey. She also reviews tools that she uses regularly, especially when setbacks with the potential to create significant vulnerability emerge on her path.

Episode Outline

Welcome to 031

  1. Introduction of guest, “Tamara Randall” on her recovery journey.
  2. How we know each other
  3. Overview of today’s show – Tam’s recovery journey

Setting The Stage – DTES

  1. What addiction looks like in Vancouver BC.
  2. DTES and Opioid Crisis: Opioid addiction overshadowing other equally destructive problems (ETOH).
  3. Harm Reduction: Public Health approach to minimizing harm – Not a form of treatment.
  4. Health authority services focused on opioid crisis with little integration with the traditional addictions community.

Tam’s Recovery Journey

  1. Defining Addiction – Your perspective.
    • bio – psycho – social – spiritual (discuss each angle)
  2. “Why quit” (Getting Sober) – What was the event that tipped the scale?
    • How many years since the scale tipped?
    • Has that event (or set of events), been the sustaining reminder for “why”? Or, are there new, “whys”?
  3. What does it take in the early days to remove substances from your life?
    • Supports?
    • Tools (Big Book)?
  4. Setbacks and Relapse
    • People factors (social isolation, relationships, etc.)
    • Mental health factors (depression, anxiety, etc.)
    • Psychological factors (perfectionism, etc.)
    • Historical factors (loss, trauma, wounds not mended, etc.)
  5. Sustainability – Staying on your path!
    • “Change is monumental” – What does it actually take?
    • Seasoned in Recovery – How have you personalized your journey?
    • Do you experience challenges to your chosen path (overt or covert).
  6. What three bits of advice or wisdom do you have for someone starting their recovery journey?
  7. List of resources for anyone wanting to launch their recovery journey:
    • Online resources (FMP FAQ)
    • Local in-person resources.