53 minutes | Sep 26th 2020

Settling Into the COVID Crisis and the Evils of Virtue Signalling

“This is not the time to ponder your purpose in life.”

COVID19 Pandemic Current Social Observations

In today’s episode I talk about how society has shifted in the past few weeks as we settling into the COVID19 pandemic crisis. I note that kids getting back to school and companies calling their employees back into work who were operating virtually, has provided a sense of normality. I also note the unique situation that British Columbia finds herself in while having the advantage of learning from the rest of the world’s response to the crisis.

Out of Control Virtue Signalling

Unfortunately, the pandemic has provided an optimal breeding ground for those offering moralizing advice about how others should live. For example, many vegans have taken to virtue signalling, stating, “If the world didn’t eat animal flesh, there would be no pandemic crisis.” I directly criticize this statement along with pithy advice offered by other creatives, such as Rich Roll.

Fighting Back the Doom

In an effort to end my own historical use of virtual signalling, I share my personal experience and the methods I am using to get control of the difficult emotions brought on by our current state. In a previous episode about the psychological inflection point caused by the pandemic, I expand on the areas of concern (work and family life). Today, I provide a list of approaches I am committing too, designed to improve emotional wellbeing. It is hoped that by sharing my own experience, others will connect and find the information helpful.

Episode Outline

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Current Observations on COVID19 Crisis and Virtual Signalling

  1. Settling-In
    • Back to School and Work
    • Consequences No Shocking
      • Small Business Shutting Down
      • Ruralization
    • Low Grade Anxiety
  2. BC – Edge of Reality
    • The BC Advantage
      • New + Cases vs. Hospital Admits
    • Unique Healthcare System.
  3. Heavy Virtue Signalling in Social Media and YouTube
    • Questionable Vegan Claims
    • Rich Roll
      • “Living your purpose…”
      • Jay Shetty interview and, “Journey Inward.”
      • Radhanath Swami Interview – “It’s time to once again transcend the mortal coil to connect with all things ethereal.”

Fighting Back The Doom

  1. Similar to War and Oppressive Regimes
  2. What I Am Doing:
    • Meet in person whenever possible (we need each other).
    • Reconnect with loved ones.
    • Stay away from the news – Headlines worse than content.
    • Practice mindful use of social media.
    • Be willing to change everything – Question your ways of being.
    • Consider spirituality over religiosity.
    • Adhere to your health related goals (e.g., sobriety).
    • Put your head down and work hard.
    • Reframe the new shit life brings you – Compartmentalize.
    • Avoid those that virtue signal.

Share Your Experience (Without Virtue Signalling)

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