38 minutes | Aug 25th 2020

COVID19 Pandemic: Emotionally Surviving A Psychological Inflection Point

“I hit my wall, spoke to it, and then knuckled down.”

Understanding My Psychological Crisis

In today’s episode, I share the details of my experience going through a psychological crisis as I reach a personal inflection point regarding COVID19. In short, I hit the, ‘positivity wall.’ I no longer am able to put on a smile in an effort to push on through my day.

Most notably, I have lost motivation at work and during personal time at home. I do not enjoy activities as much as I have in the past (mild anhedonia). I also find other’s platitudes increasingly irritating. On the surface, the inflection point has caused me to slip into a state of depression. Digging deeper, it has caused me to question my beliefs and purpose.

Finding My Psych Through The Inflection Point

The outcome is up to me. I review the moment I decide to talk to (confront) my wall. I then describe the importance of using my reaction as an opportunity to, ‘find my psych,’ by controlling inputs, turning to senses, and knuckling down on commitments.

Our Future

In the end, we all have a new reality to embrace. We must commit to fostering hope in ourselves and others. We must also return to our personal journey and purpose. Any inflection point is simply and opportunity for personal growth.

Episode Outline

Introduction To Episode 030

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  2. Upcoming Show
    • “Tamara Randall – On Addiction”

Psychological Crisis – My Inflection Point

  1. Hitting My Positivity Wall
    • Loss of motivation at work.
    • Loss of motivation at home.
    • Nothing seems fun (Anhedonia).
    • Platitudes now bother me (Rich Roll).
    • Questioning everything I believe.
  2. Two Weeks – Talking At The Wall
    • Decision point not based on feelings or physical response to crisis.
    • Working in the dark but know where everything is at.
    • Accepting a new me and a new reality.
  3. Deciding to, “Find My Psych” – Mastering My Strategy
    • Control Inputs:
      • News Diet
      • Digital Diet
      • Avoid Social Toxicity
      • No More, “How-To”.
    • Turning To Sensing (vs. Intuition)
      • Daily Walks
      • Good Food
      • 1:1 Music
    • Knuckling Down
      • Engaging My Bubble
      • Working Hard
      • Creating Future Reward (Planned)

Our Future

  1. New Reality To Embrace
  2. Hope Takes Effort
  3. Remember The Point