18 minutes | Feb 14th 2021

018 - What Does Your Relationship With Money Say About You?

Happy Valentine’s Day!On this day, I thought it might be appropriate to talk about our relationship with money, so that’s what this episode is all about.I share how I discovered my own relationship with money was a complicated one.It was only after realizing what kind of relationship I had with money that was preventing me from experiencing the financial freedom and security I was looking for that I set out to develop a healthier and happier one!Since then, I’ve learned how, as with any relationship to be a strong and healthy one, it must be a two-way process of giving and receiving by both parties.Listen to how I went about doing this and see if you can begin to learn what your own relationship with money is like, what it says about you, how that’s creating what you see in your financial life today, and what must change if you want to experience true financial freedom and security. If you liked what you heard, please sign up to my mailing list to receive updates about new podcast episodes, free training and courses to learn more about your psychology and relationship with money, and how to implement practical, grounded actions to live a life you love and be financially free.I’m super excited to launch my RISE Programme. This is an online course to help you master your mindset and relationship with money so that you can take the right actions to be financially free! Register here to be notified when it is released and to hear more about it!
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