42 minutes | Jan 3rd 2021

012 - How To Make Sense of Your Career Transitions with Career Coach, Nerice Gietel

Nerice Gietel is a certified coach and founder of The Career Lounge. Nerice set up her coaching practice with the aim of supporting experienced professionals to access meaningful job opportunities. In this episode, we look at how Nerice’s own career transitions have led her to the work she now does to help other people navigate transitions in their career or life events. We explore how it is usually in taking small actions that we gradually learn more about ourselves - our values, beliefs, motivations, and what’s important to us.What We Discuss on This EpisodeNerice’s career transition through social work, law, recruitment, human resources and now coaching.How Nerice confronted her own beliefs about earning, ‘failure’ and shifted her perspectives about money, business and changing paths.The importance of listening to your own intuition of what feels right when making career decisions rather than settling, to help you get to where you’re meant to be.Change doesn’t have to involve big transitions, you can make mini adjustments to meet your needs.Why protecting your energy is critical to your growth.How the pandemic has presented more opportunities and challenged Nerice to do things differently than before.Why you should invest in getting to know yourself because it’s with self-awareness that you can navigate your thoughts and what you do.Her relationship with money.Here are the featured resources and links to find out more about The Career Lounge:Website CoursesConnect with Nerice on:LinkedInInstagramFacebookIf you liked what you heard, do sign up to my mailing list to receive updates about new podcast episodes and free training and courses to learn more about your psychology and relationship with money, and how to implement practical, grounded actions in your life right now, to experience true financial freedom.
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