14 minutes | Oct 4th 2020

001 - What's Financial Freedom & Confidence Anyway?

Join me on this introductory episode where I talk about the elusive and coveted notion of FINANCIAL FREEDOM - what is it, how to get it, why most people never reach it, and how YOU can become truly financially free.

I also share my personal journey to financial freedom, who I am, why am I qualified to talk about this, and what you must do to become a financially confident woman and experience financial freedom for yourself.

Unlike many personal finance or money podcasts, you won't hear more financial information and jargon about the best investing strategy, the hottest stock, or how you must cut coupons, save every single cent, and live a frugal life so you can retire by 30.

Instead, I believe that the very first step to becoming financially confident, independent, and free is to transform yourself. The person you are, your purpose in life, who you are being, your identity, values, and beliefs. Although I'm all about the mindset and identity, I'm also all about taking the right action to get real, long-lasting results.

This podcast will teach you the practical actions to take AND the deep inner work you must embark on if you want to become a financially confident woman, and ultimately experience true financial freedom.

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