29 minutes | Oct 21, 2020

079 6 Obstacles to Optimise your Financial Health with Dr. Wendy Labat

Find out the six key principles you must have in place to create financial freedom. How to protect yourself, your mindset, tax laws and other key areas that are so important to you becoming wealthy and financially free. About Dr. Wendy Labat Dr. Wendy Labat has her Doctor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship with over 36 years of experience as an entrepreneur. She is the CEO of The Financial Cures LLC and creator of The Financial Cures System. A program that empowers people to diagnose their financial health; take control over their finances; acquire proper protection to prevent financial ruin; create a financial legacy; create generational wealth, and enjoy financial freedom to live the life they desire. Show Highlights -Mindset and lack of knowledge -A lot of people make good money, but they don't have control over their finances -Generational wealth is built by having the proper protection in place -Dr. Wendy is a breast cancer survivor who wasn’t financially ruined because she had the right protection in place -Understanding Tax laws -Global Economic Impact and investment loss -Implementing and executing your plan Dr. Wendy’s Free Gift for You Text “guide” to 770-796-4944 to get a free guide to Optimize Your Financial Health Connect with Wendy Website: https://thefinancialcures.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drwendylabat/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.wendy.labat/ Get the Support you Need Are you looking to change your relationship with money? Would you love to be paying yourself first? Investing? Then join my Facebook group Master Your Money here >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/bethemasterofyourmoney Where you will get tips on how to free your mindset to attract riches, increase income and build your net worth.  
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