22 minutes | Aug 27, 2020

075 John Madison- Financial Lessons Learned from COVID- 19

What an unpredictable time it has been with COVID 19. Government closing down countries, business closing, people losing jobs and finding themselves in a scary place with their finances. Here to help you to figure out what to do now and for life is my guest expert John Madison who will share with you the steps that you can implement today for financial sustainability and recovery during COVID 19. About John Madison John Madison is author of “The Steward Plan,” a Certified Public Accountant, and founder of Dayspring Financial Ministry. He has earned a master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning, as well as The Master Planner Advanced Studies. John is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counsellor and an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor. John has been featured in the New York Post, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, U.S. News and World Report, Bankrate.com, CNBC.com, among many other media outlets. Show Highlights -An emergency fund is a form of insurance -Why you need a spending plan -Debt elimination, how to do it -Nothing is forever, it is a season in your life -How to invest for retirement Connect with John Website: https://dayspringfm.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dayspringfm/ Get the Support you Need Are you looking to change your relationship with money? Would you love to be paying yourself first? Investing? You can do all of this and I can show you how but if your mindset is holding you back and you are not taking the action you know you should take then do yourself a favour come join me in my Facebook group Be You- Be Financially Free. Grab my FREE Guide 5 Steps to Breaking Free from Your Poverty Mindset. Where you will get tips on how to free your mindset to attract riches, increase income and build your net worth. Click here to join…. https://www.facebook.com/groups/beyoubefinanciallyfree    
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