57 minutes | Feb 26th 2021

The Bloodthirsty Trilogy (1970-74)

I’m joined in this episode by writer and podcaster Becky Darke for a take on The Bloodthirsty Trilogy, which comprises The Vampire Doll (1970), Evil of Dracula (1971) and Lake of Dracula (1974). This season is made possible with the support of Arrow Video. Our pick this week is The Bloodythirsty Trilogy itself, a gorgeous edition that features all three films and a ton of exras. Produced and presented by Anna Bogutskaya. ***The Final Girls are a UK-based film collective exploring the intersections of horror film and feminism.Find out more about our projects here: thefinalgirls.co.ukFollow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Support us on Patreon. Subscribe to our newsletter for a weekly dose of curated horror treats.Follow Anna on @annabdemented and Olivia is on @livihowe 
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