54 minutes | Oct 15, 2021

TEEN HORROR 06 • The Slumberparty Massacre (1982) + The Slumberparty Massacre II (1987)

When you think of slumber parties, you think of murder... right? Joining us this week is podcaster Mary Wild to go deep on the feminist intentions of The Slumberparty Massacre, the similarities of the driller killer to BOB from Twin Peaks and its dark, dark humour. With a much less deep discussion on the musical psycho horror show that is The Slumberparty Massacre II and its leather daddy killer.  Produced and presented by Anna Bogutskaya***Music: "Slasher" by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio***The Final Girls are a UK-based film collective exploring the intersections of horror film and feminism, founded by Anna Bogutskaya and Olivia Howe.→ Find out more about our projects here: thefinalgirls.co.uk→ Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.→ Support us on Patreon.→ Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for curated horror treats and original writing on horror.
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