107 minutes | Apr 9th 2021

BONUS • True Blood (2008-14) • Part I

Our main vampire season might be over, but we've got a couple of bonus episodes yet to come. Actor and writer Isaura Barbé-Brown joins us for a celebration of the trashy, bloody and extremely horny vampire show True Blood.In thirst parter we cover, roughly, True Blood seasons 1-4.  Digressions include: an attempted defence of Vampire Bill's accent, Eric's hair drama, the Skarsgaard Stare and Alcide and Jason fanfic.  Produced and presented by Anna Bogutskaya.***The Final Girls are a UK-based film collective exploring the intersections of horror film and feminism.Find out more about our projects here: thefinalgirls.co.ukFollow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Support us on Patreon. Subscribe to our newsletter for new, original writing on horror.Follow Anna on @annabdemented and Olivia is on @livihowe 
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