71 minutes | Sep 2nd 2020

Dr. Betty Kovacs - Retracing Our Lost Shamanic History

84 - Dr. Betty J. Kovacs’ extensive study of the shaman-mystic spiritual tradition of prehistory reveals how early knowledge of the blueprint for our evolution was distorted and covered up by Western religions. More than 2,500 years of repression by both Church and State have thwarted our evolution, forced our science into a limited, materialistic understanding of life, and now threatens the survival of all life on our planet. We need to know this history. Twentieth-century scholars have unearthed this lost history in the nick of time.  In spite of its repression, this is the fifth time this ancient knowledge has emerged in Western history. Only now are we able to see its origins, its continuity, and the depth of what it can mean for us today.

The ultimate fruit of the tree of life is the knowledge that we are all Universal Mind, immortal, divine, and creators. Without this knowledge of who we really are, we have fallen into depression, violence, fanaticism, fundamentalism, addiction to power, death and drugs that promise to transform our experience of a world without heart and soul. We are destroying ourselves and the planet.

The Miracle of Death: There is Nothing But Life
Merchants of Light: The Consciousness That Is Changing the World

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