51 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

The Art of Active Listening

Most people rarely experience being *deeply* listened to; you can give your spouse that gift! Last week we talked about Selective Hearing, which is all about catching every drop of what your spouse communicates. This episode puts that conversation on steroids: learning how to seek out and gain insight into each other and internalize it in healthier ways. If you ACTIVELY listen to this episode, you'll hear us share three distinct incentives for learning and applying this valuable skill in your own marriage. :) Our new marriage learning project ~~Gospel Centered Marriage~~ is now open for enrollment! It's a great way to build a solid marriage foundation and finally get on the same page. It's built for all couples—newlyweds, nearly weds, and couples who have been married for years. Visit GospelCenteredMarriage.com to learn more. New mini-courses are being added to the enrichment library monthly! Thanks for listening! If you'd like to support this ministry, please visit Patreon.com/FierceMarriage. Our monthly patrons get plenty of perks, including early episode releases, free books & ebooks, silicone wedding rings, and exclusive ministry updates.
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