52 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

Boundaries and In-Laws

This is a struggle every couple understands. How do we maintain healthy boundaries with relatives, especially when those relatives (though well-meaning oftentimes) are difficult to be around? How do we graciously communicate when boundaries have been breached? And what do we do to "hold the line" when they refuse to respect healthy boundaries? In this episode we dove deep into what the Bible has to say about family relationships and looked at ways we can love honor our parents (and other family members) without compromising our convictions or values in the process. Announcement! Our new marriage learning project ~~Gospel Centered Marriage~~ is open for enrollment! It's a great way to build a solid marriage foundation and/or finally get on the same page. It's built for all couples—newlyweds, nearly weds, and those who have been married for years. Visit GospelCenteredMarriage.com to learn more. New mini-courses are being added to the enrichment library monthly! Thanks for listening! If you'd like to support this ministry, please visit Patreon.com/FierceMarriage. Our monthly patrons get plenty of perks, including early episode releases, free books & ebooks, silicone wedding rings, and exclusive ministry updates.
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