25 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

Setting Boundaries in Relationships

Are Your Boundaries Balanced Or Are They Blocking Your Potential?In this episode, I'm exploring how to understand our boundaries to reach our greatest potential. Boundaries are an innate survival tool that allows us to filter what we allow into our lives. While boundaries are necessary, we explore how those same boundaries can block us from our greatest potential and how we can overcome them with self-love, self-care, and respect, and how they put a strain on the relationship we have with ourselves and with others. With Love, Nicola x➤ GET YOUR FREE PLAYBOOK – Master Your Emotional Triggers in Your Relationships - https://thefeminineprinciple.com/master-emotional-triggers-in-your-relationships➤ FREE CONSULTATION – Break Free From the Ghosts of Your Past with the 1:1 Shadow Work for Women 9-Month Program - https://thefeminineprinciple.com/free-consultation
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