20 minutes | Jan 14, 2021

[64] Season 1 Recap and Farewell Episode

Episode Notes: In the last episode of Season 1 of The Female Founder Podcast, Rachel recaps her top favorite episodes of the season and shares a mini life update. The Top 10 List 1. #41 Holy Shift with Suzy Batiz 2. #57 Viral Video with this is Virgina Kerr 3. #8 Get Ready for Retail with Michelle Petri 4. #35 Perfecting your Pitch with Kara Sewell5. #3: Perfection is the Enemy of Profit with Rachel Kuhr6. #33 Athlete Mindset with Peyton Mabry 7. #11: Why you need Killer Content and Viral Videos with Klearcut Media (Also See #24 New Media you need to Make Your Business Boom: Jodi Hastings & Shelly Slater)8. #34 Pivot Don’t Pause w/ Aly DeNardo 9. #52 Human Rights with Leah Fraizer10. #19: The Numbers you need to know with Alex HalbardierHonorable Mentions: ✧ #58: Branding with a Bang with Rooshy Roy✧ #23: Motherhood in Entrepreneurship with Carolyn Philips ✧ #31: A Worthy Cause with Melissa Ice✧ #10 The Influencer Edit with Karis Rennee and Trey Stewart ✧ #36 Lockered and Loaded with Travis Hollman For questions, comments, or to stay in touch please check out Thefemalefounderpodcast.com or email rachel@thefemalefounderpodcast.com
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