43 minutes | Sep 10, 2020

[50] Letters to Vid with Devika Chand

This week Rachel chats with one of her closest advisers and angel investors, Devika Chand Dandona. The ladies catch up on how the pandemic is impacting startups, angel investing, and the letter with 12 words on wisdom Devika wrote to her 12 year old daughter that’s relevant for startup founders. What you will learn in this episodeDevika’s words of wisdom for her 13 year old daughter that were so timely for Rachel as well amidst the pandemic What Devika looks for when selecting founders and brands to back and work with Why communicating your needs is important and how to recognize the glamizoration of putting others first and stop it. Tangible TipsPush yourself to be constantly uncomfortable so you can find growth  How to redirect the stillness of the pandemic for self discovery Starting with self work and focusing inward for the betterment of the community as a whole About Devika and the Devi CollectiveDallasite Devika Chand-Dandona has made it her mission to help others by serving her community. Devika and her husband found success when they launched their investment company, Sanya holdings. At the time, the focus of the investments was multifamily properties throughout the United States. Since then, Sanya Holdings has expanded its focus to include start ups. Using today’s advantages of social media and her background in design, Devika started Devi Collective where people can purchase the latest trends in fashion and beauty with a portion of every purchase going to different non profit organizations.Treating others with respect and serving with a positive mind make Devika the kind of woman others want to follow. By living and breathing her mission, Devika inspires others to use their time, influence and energy to give back and serve others. You can learn more, connect and follow along with Devika here:www.devicollective.com@itsdevikac@devi.collective
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