39 minutes | Sep 3, 2020

[49] Pitching in a Pandemic with Lauren Chitwood and Lexie Larsen

How did they raise 2 million in the middle of Covid?!? The women behind Spiritless never imagined their launch would coincide with a recession and global pandemic but that did not stop them from conducting over 100 virtual pitch meetings and nearly closing their seed round. Discover the art of virtual fundraising and what it’s like to pursue and pitch potential investors—entirely onlineWhat you will learn in this episode Maximizing opportunities on zoom calls How to set up your deck and numbers when your product has no real competitor Distribution trends on the rise in a post pandemic culture Tangible Tips How to select co-founders and build your team the right wayHow to determine your cap on first raise How to make a meaningful product pitch when you can’t meet in person More about Lauren, Lexie, and the Spiritless brand Slated to launch in Fall 2020, Spiritless Kentucky 74 is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit crafted for your favorite bourbon cocktails created in Louisville, KY by co-founders Lauren Chitwood, Abbey Ferguson, and Lexie Larsen. After noticing a gap in the beverage market for cocktail lovers who want to enjoy a night out (or in) with less alcohol, the trio came up with the concept for Spiritless — designed to be used as a delicious option to go booze-free or to lower the ABV in mixed drinks. Kentucky 74’s advanced, innovative formulation process starts by blending their own high-proof, intensely flavored, rapidly aged spirit before undergoing distillation in a unique method which removes all but .5% or below of the alcohol (the same ABV as kombucha). The result is a non-alcoholic spirit, amber in color and underpinned by notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak. With Kentucky 74, consumers can enjoy their favorite cocktail completely Spiritless, or with a lower ABV by going halfsies with bourbon. While the team is launching Kentucky 74 as their first product, they are passionate about scaling their business to provide a comprehensive line of high-quality Spiritless solutions to the beverage world. The Spiritless team can envision the day that any consumer can walk into any bar, choose a cocktail, and #orderitspiritless.About Lauren Chitwood, CEOLauren Chitwood is an entrepreneur and award-winning brand evangelist. Not content to rest on her laurels — or to rest, period — her combination of head-in-the-clouds creativity and boots-on-the-ground guts have earned Lauren a reputation for being nimble, innovative and, above all else, a problem-solver.About Lexie Lancaster Larsen, COOLexie Lancaster Larsen is a Fifth-generation entrepreneur whose roots run deep within both manufacturing and production and bourbon. Passionate about building businesses from the ground up, Spiritless is the third female-founded company Lexie has had the opportunity to grow.You can learn more, connect and follow along with Spiritless here:www.spiritless.comInstagram: @drinkspiritlessFacebook: @drinkspiritless
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