43 minutes | Jul 9, 2020

[46] Office Hours: Live with Brittany Alexander

This week Rachel hosts live office hours with Brittany Alexander, founder of BreezeBoxx, a local ready made meals startup. The ladies discuss making first hires, growing the business on budget, and what getting investors on board looks like for early stage startups. What you will learn in this episode: Rachel’s tips for founders looking for angel investors The #1 way to ensure success in your business is to understand WHY your CUSTOMERS chose you, and how that ties in to their personal goals/plans in everyday life. Most everything boils down to 3 things: finances, opportunity cost, and personal mission.Tangible Tips:  Think about the end first when thinking about bringing on investors: What does success look like to you and how does that change your investment strategy? The importance of focusing on true north when launching a startup and pitching to investors Resources:Best Resource Guide for Pitch Decks: https://articles.bplans.com/what-to-include-in-your-pitch-deck/More About BrittanyBrittany worked in staffing for 10 years where she learned the key to business is knowing THE CUSTOMER IS KING and understanding their core motivation. This breeding ground for entrepreneurs gave her the soft skills and business insights to launch her first startup, Breezeboxx, which provides ready made meals for the whole family. Brittany is fascinated by studying people's motivations and crafting and tailoring her pitch and product around the number one driver of successes - the other. While she didn’t have a background in the food industry, her passion for cooking coupled with her hustle heart and figure out mentality provided an avenue for this startup. BreezeBoxx is on a mission to reduce food insecurity through education and community impact for those that suffer across the USA.  You Can Follow and Connect with Brittany here:@brittanymalexander@breezeboxx_www.breezeboxx.com
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